Our Mission: We believe in building a difference in the world, and bringing awareness to issues that do not currently have the adequate attention. In order to make the world a better place we must all stand together and take action.


Where Your Money Goes

At Knockout, we endeavor to promote and raise awareness for the charities and causes around the world that we have partnered with.

We gratefully thank our donors on behalf of the people served through your generosity. Making a donation-at any level-can be a complex and difficult decision. For that reason, we are as transparent as possible about how we have been, and will continue to be, good stewards of your gifts.

Our Partners

Board of Directors

  • Gray Knight

    Gray Knight is the Chairman and Founder of Knockout For a Cause. He has brought together a passionate and innovative group of professionals to help him bring awareness to important causes across the globe.

    Gray Knight
    Chairman / Founder
  • Steve Turner

    Steve Turner is our Executive Committee Chairman. He helps guide our foundation through strategies and organization. He helps promote our vision and strives to change the world. He is an advocate for our foundation’s key issues.

    Steve Turner
    Executive Committee Chair

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